Teenz Connection in an Australian Families for Children initiative to bring together adopted teenagers to share experiences and support each other by joining and participating in a range of activities.

Project Objective/Aims

  • To provide children aged between 13 and 18 years who have been born overseas and adopted into Australian families with the opportunity to meet other children who have been adopted from overseas in a relaxed and fun environment. These children have immigrated from overseas and therefore have the experience of being an immigrant coupled with issues arising from living in a family and culture other than their birth country.

  • To provide a platform for meaningful friendships to be formed amongst people experiencing similar issues as a result of being adopted from overseas. These could include feelings of isolation and/or loss, experiences of racism and the experience of growing up in a culture different from their birth culture. Intercountry adoptees often live in a highly visible family and may feel isolated and different from other children.

  • To plan a program of cultural events and recreation activities that give adoptees an appreciation of the value of their multicultural background. Multicultural activities could include; music, cooking, dance, craft, language classes and attending events. Celebrations of Cultural Days eg Diwali at Homebush, Chinese New Year at Darling Harbour. Children that we work with have immigrated from South America, India, China, Sri Lanka, Korea and many other countries and the activities would reflect those origins.

  • To foster qualities of leadership and independence with the young people participating in the program by involving them in programming and organizing events and activities.

  • To provide intercountry adopted children attending Camp Connection each year with mentors who are young people who have participated in the program

Teenz Connections aims to provide a safe, supportive, and accepting place where those who may feel isolated from the intercountry adoption community can establish and rekindle friendships, seek support and develop networks that are empowering and that provide a foundation for ongoing connections beyond the program

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