Our Mentors

Adam Brisson

Born in La Paz Bolivia, I am now 26 and living near Bondi.

I work as a travel agent.  I love music, cartooning, playing Wii ...

I have always seen an importance for young adoptees to interact with one another.

I look forward to exciting programmes and meeting you all.  Hope to see you soon!

Leah Apfelbaum

My name is Leah Apfelbaum.  I am 20 years old and was adopted from Bolivia, La Paz.

I am currently studying Social Work at UNSW.
I love the beach and I especially love to travel.

I decided to be a mentor because I thought it would great to meet other adoptees and to learn about different cultures.

What I hope to achieve from this program, is to connect with the kids, whilst still having lots of fun. I also hope to learn from this experience, whether it be from the kids, or the other mentors.

Matthew Vine

Jeannette Iaconis

Jonathan Shellim

My name Is Jonathan, I study marketing and I run a small business online, I love traveling and helping others.

I was introduced to camp connection in 2008 by my Good friend Adam.
I found it a very rewarding and enjoyable experience which has lead me to being involved in Teenz connections as a mentor.
I guess you could say I am still a child at heart which is why I have such a great time working with all the wonderful children.